Re use those items laying around your house!

I just came across this article on with the reuse of several items we all have laying around the house.

These are some of my favorite ideas:

Reuse items at your home.001~Boxes Wrapped in maps.

~Newspapers plastered onto lamps to give your lamp a new look.

~Yardstick or rulers mounted on the wall to provide hooks for tools or small objects.

Easy DIY projects that I will be making very soon!

Re-use printed cardboard boxes

Re-use printed cardboard boxes

I came across this blog where she re-used printed bath & body works boxes, for a gift box. I somewhat had the same idea to re-use these printed boxes as well, but in a different way.

I took the bath & body works box I received in the mail, and spray painted the outside of the box. Next I folded the box flaps down and hot glued them to the outside of the box. The inside and outside of this box now has a unique pattern, and became a great box to display on a shelf.

Check out how she took this box and turned it inside out to make a printed gift box for the holidays!

Retro Wednesday’s – Outdoor Furniture

Retro Wednesday's - Outdoor Furniture

I’m inspired to dedicate this retro wednesday to outdoor patio furniture since tomorrow is the 4th of July! I just bought some of my own outdoor furniture for my balcony, i will post pictures soon!

Check out Y Living Furniture, they have a wide variety of retro pieces, mid-century modern classics and contemporary designs (although they tend to be more on the expensive side). Yliving also features some of my favorite designers including Kartell, Herman Miller, and Knoll.

The wicker chair with the orange pillow accent located at the bottom left, and the side table next to it are both furniture pieces that can be found at

DIY – Decorative boxes made out of shoe boxes

DIY - Decorative boxes made out of shoe boxes

I know everyone has at least a few shoe boxes sitting around in the closet, or even storing junk in them you don’t know what to do with. I definitely have a few of those boxes sitting around, and thought about how much better they would look if it didn’t just say Puma on the side. Wicker and woven baskets can get expensive when purchasing them at places such as target for an entire bookshelf. These DIY shoe boxes are easy and an inexpensive way to add color and uniformity to a space.

Once I finish making all of my shoe boxes, I will post a picture of the entire book shelf completed!

Fabric Boxes