Home Office Remodel

Home Office Remodel

I turned my clients empty space into the ultimate home office. This space was originally used for a guest bedroom, but the home owners thought the this would be more practical if the space was transformed into a library/study.

Look how I transformed their space:

Office Remodel 2013.001

Patio set

My new patio set for my loft apartment! All I have is a small balcony to fit a bistro set, so I had to find something small and portable to occupy this space. I found this bistro set for only $44 total for all three pieces at Big Lots.





Re-use printed cardboard boxes

Re-use printed cardboard boxes

I came across this blog where she re-used printed bath & body works boxes, for a gift box. I somewhat had the same idea to re-use these printed boxes as well, but in a different way.

I took the bath & body works box I received in the mail, and spray painted the outside of the box. Next I folded the box flaps down and hot glued them to the outside of the box. The inside and outside of this box now has a unique pattern, and became a great box to display on a shelf.

Check out how she took this box and turned it inside out to make a printed gift box for the holidays!


Retro Wednesday’s – Outdoor Furniture

Retro Wednesday's - Outdoor Furniture

I’m inspired to dedicate this retro wednesday to outdoor patio furniture since tomorrow is the 4th of July! I just bought some of my own outdoor furniture for my balcony, i will post pictures soon!

Check out Y Living Furniture, they have a wide variety of retro pieces, mid-century modern classics and contemporary designs (although they tend to be more on the expensive side). Yliving also features some of my favorite designers including Kartell, Herman Miller, and Knoll.

The wicker chair with the orange pillow accent located at the bottom left, and the side table next to it are both furniture pieces that can be found at http://www.ylivingfurniture.com.

DIY – Decorative boxes made out of shoe boxes

DIY - Decorative boxes made out of shoe boxes

I know everyone has at least a few shoe boxes sitting around in the closet, or even storing junk in them you don’t know what to do with. I definitely have a few of those boxes sitting around, and thought about how much better they would look if it didn’t just say Puma on the side. Wicker and woven baskets can get expensive when purchasing them at places such as target for an entire bookshelf. These DIY shoe boxes are easy and an inexpensive way to add color and uniformity to a space.

Once I finish making all of my shoe boxes, I will post a picture of the entire book shelf completed!

Retro Wednesday’s – Dining Room

RW Dining Room.001

My favorite style of furniture is definitely a mixture of retro, streamline, 60-70′s style
mod. My dream home would consist of endless amounts of retro furniture and vibrant colors.

So every Wednesday from now on I will post a complete retro design for a particular room within a home.


DIY Chalkboard

DIY Chalkboard.001

It’s hard to fill your walls with artwork you already have when it never matches your existing room. So i decided that I need to make a piece of artwork that will go with everything and can constantly change, like a mood ring. I came up with a DIY chalkboard and now my friends feel more important than ever since they get to sign it every time they stop over!

Welcome to Danielle’s Design Sparkle Haus

Excited to start my new design blog! A little bit about myself…my name is Danielle and I’m a professional Interior Designer from Detroit MI. I have been involved within the design field for over 8 years now. I obtained my BFA from Wayne State University with my concentration in Architectural Interior Design in May 2011.

Like many college students I was hopeful for an entry level position at an architectural firm where I could receive hands on experience, think again. I hoped that a firm would take me under their wing and I would work my way up as a loyal dedicated employee. I was unaware that entry level jobs within the design field no longer existed. After two full years of interviewing and receiving that second call back, I was still just a recent college graduate with ‘not enough’ experience for the position. It’s almost a catch 22, I am qualified with education, internships, training, and real life projects but just not enough experience. Why can’t someone just take the chance and hire me as a passionate young designer who will work extremely hard, and dedicate above and beyond the time needed for a project just because I love what I do?

This brings me to this blog. I’ve been inspired to create from my current co workers who are all very creative in different ways. They see the potential I bring to the table by expressing my creativity through my personal DIY projects, turning garbage into something useful, designing a room, and constructing new furniture. After one visit to my loft and I’m constantly asked where did you get this? And my reoccurring answer is “I made that”.

I decided to begin sharing my design experiences with the world and documenting my projects at Sparkle Haus. I usually just update my online portfolio but when you think about it, no one really has access to that except me. I hope that sharing my blog publicly will showcase my constant evolving portfolio and lead me to future design projects.


Check out my website to obtain further information about myself, and also to view my portfolio.